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My First Birth Photo Shoot

During the first of this month I had my first Birth Photo Shoot. I have to say I really am hooked on this. I am now offering Birth Photography as a package and I am looking forward to more.


Discount Programs

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Instead of doing a Special in the month of May, I have chosen to release a few different Discount Programs. Referrals, Uniformed Personnel, Bereavement, and many more along with a payment plan.

Referral Program

Clients that refer a friend that book and successfully pay for a session with Megan Nance Photography will receive a 10% discount on their next session, their friend will also receive a 10% discount also. Clients can have up to 4 referrals making their next session 40% off, but then if you refer 5 friends, your one hour session is FREE! Make sure you let your friends know about this discount! This discount is for a one year time frame and will reset yearly on your portrait anniversary or your information request. Not a client yet but would like to be? Still want earn the free session? Contact me today to fill out the information request. You can still participate.

Uniformed Personnel

Military, Police, Fire, EMT, Security all receive a 20% discount on their sessions. If you are or will be in uniform at the session, you receive a 50% Discount. Spouses, of uniformed personnel wishing to do a Boudoir Shoot for their man in uniform, you will receive a 20% discount.


Lasting memories is very important for me. If someone is terminal in your family, you normally do not remember to capture those last few moments with someone. My Bereavement Sessions are 100% Free.

Cancer Survivors will also be extended this session, you have fought a long hard battle, lets celebrate.

Payment Plans

If your session is paid for in full upfront, you will receive a 10$ Discount.

Photography is expensive. Those looking for a payment plan may make a non-refundable Retainer Fee of $50.00. A payment plan will be discussed at a consultation, and set up. Our payment plans will let you have your session when you need it, but will make payments to receive your final gallery and products. If clients fail to make their monthly payment, all monies received will be forfeited.


My Newest Friend Isaiah

I meet Isaiah for the first time when his parents brought him to Samuell Farm North Park for his Bluebonnet photos and I fell in love with his big expressive eyes. Isaiah is a active three year old little boy and I had a lot of fun taking him by the hand and showing him all over the park. I hope to see Isaiah and follow him as he grows up.